How To Hold A Ukulele

How To Hold A Ukulele | The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Playing the Ukuleles is an excellent and fun, easy to carry, small size musical instrument. You have a ukulele, but the question is how to hold a ukulele?

If you are a beginner ukulele player before starting, you need to hold it properly. 

In this article, we will provide you with the best information on how to hold a ukulele.  

By proper holding, you can create a good sound of your ukulele. Holding the ukulele properly is a foundation. There are two types of ukulele holding positions, first standing and second sitting.


 Holding The Ukulele While Standing

While standing, you want to play your uke make sure you feel comfortable. The popularity of the ukulele is growing day by day. You will be glad to know that it is a very light instrument and easy to play. By standing, you can strum. So let’s learn about how to hold the body and the neck of the ukulele.

1. Holding The Body of a Ukulele

Before playing, the first step you need to know correctly. Hold the ukulele against your chest, high up on your mid-section. The soundhole of your ukulele should be about on your wardrobe too.

Wrap your strumming hand on the body tightly and hold it close. After that, lock it with the inside of your elbow. In this way, you can keep up and down the strings.

2.Holding The Neck

Against your strumming arm and your chest, the instrument weight should go. It is not only holding the instrument as much but also cradling it with your fretting hand.

In this position of the cradle of your fretting hand’s thumb and forefinger. Without shaking the uke, you will be able to move your hand back and forth.

You should feel comfortable in this process. It would help if you also had some time to get used to holding the ukulele with your strumming hands as a beginner ukulele player. However, practice more and more. It will be a piece of cake for you.

Holding The Ukulele While Sitting Down

If you want to play the ukulele by sitting first, you should sit in a silent place. It would be best if you let the body rest in your right arm legs. After that, you should position a good ukulele and close to you. You can try another sitting position to find your comfortable place.

Hold the neck of your ukulele with your left hand and apply a little pressure on the top. The main important thing is that to be a comfortable and easy entrance to the fretboard. Reading the ukulele sheet is also be useful for a music stand.

Ukulele Left-Hand Position

Maximum people are right-handed, but if you are left-handed, don’t worry about that; you can play the ukulele being a lefty. If you feel comfortable playing with your left hand, then do it. You should let the body of your ukulele rest on your left arm legs. Then hold the neck of your ukulele with your right hand.

The left-hand fingers are numbered below:

  • Left thumb
  • Index finger
  • Middle finger
  • Ring finger
  • Pinky finger


It would be best if you placed your left-hand fingers on their tips. And also should be positioned behind the frets, not on top of them.

Be sure that your thumb is not hanging over the top of the neck or run parallel along its back. These strategies are incorrect and make playing even harder. 

How to Strum a Ukulele

You have learned how to hold the ukulele correctly. Now you should learn how to play the ukulele. If you want to know more about playing the ukulele then we have a special article on “How To Play Ukulele” click here.

When you start to play your ukulele, you typically play four strings together at the same time with your right hand using down and up movement. This movement is known as strumming the ukulele.

Make sure you feel comfortable with your hands. Don’t fold your wrist. Always make sure your wrist is relaxed all the time when you start to play.

If you feel that any notes buzz and sound are dead-end, be sure you’re pressing your left-hand fingers harder and your fingers behind the frets.

You can strum the ukulele with your first finger, thumb, and all four fingers or with a pick.

How to Use a Pick

The pick is a piece of plastic, and it’s shaped like a triangle. Probably the most popular choice is thick felt picks. You can use a pick to play the ukulele. To use a pick, you should hold it properly between your thumb and your first finger. Be sure while holding the pick, don’t hold it so tightly because it might cause your hand to hurt.

With any pick, you can strum down and up movement. If you are starting with a standard ukulele, then use a felt ukulele pick. While strumming up and down, you can pick one string simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found useful information on how to hold a ukulele to start your journey. Playing musical instruments like the ukulele gives you a beautiful and peaceful feeling.

It would be best if you were passionate about developing and learning your skills with more practice. A small guitar-like ukulele will provide you a fantastic sense. Always make sure you are comfortable when you are playing because this will produce an extraordinary musical feeling.

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